our mission

We first fundraise through various methods. That money is then used to order the school supplies through a wholesale distributor for the best price in order to maximize every dollar raised. We talk to schools that will be receiving the backpacks to figure out which supplies are most important to their students. Once we have all the supplies, a “packing day” is organized during the summer. People from the community come out to help pack pens, pencils, glue sticks, binders, folders, and more into an organized, ready-to-use backpack for students in neighboring districts who can’t afford them. The back packs then go to students in need!

There’s no better feeling than the one we get when we deliver the backpacks directly into the hands of students.

Who We Help

  • Samost Jewish Family & Children's Service
  • Jewish family Services of Atlantic County
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlantic City and Camden
  • Kellman Brown Academy
  • Cherry Hill Food Panty
  • Saint Anthony of Padua
  • Park Lane Elementary School
  • Nemours Pediatrics at Jefferson University Hospital
  • Sons of Israel
  • Foundation for Jewish Day Schools
  • Bookmates
  • McGraw Elementary School
  • Police Athletic League Philadelphia, PA

...and the list grows more and more each year! We need your support!

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Thank you so much for the backpacks you provided to the children of St. Anthony of Padua School last September. They were most welcomed, very much needed and greatly appreciated.

St. Anthony of Padua School is a Title I school located at 2824 River Road in Camden, NJ. We have approximately 200 students. Our student population for the 2016-2017 School Year qualifies under Federal Guidelines as 93% Free and Reduced lunch and therefore qualifies for the Federal Government’s Title I Services and benefits.

We aim to provide the best possible education we can with the resources we have. To educate a student in Camden Public Schools it takes $24,000. To educate the same student in the Charter schools it takes $16,000. To educate the same student as a student at St. Anthony of Padua School it takes $8000 of which the average parents pay around $1000/year.

We rely heavily on State and Federal Grants to keep the cost of tuition for our students to the lowest possible amount. Some pay as little as the price of a family pizza night per week for a family of students to attend our tuition based private school.

When grants do not cover the needs, we turn to organizations like yours for help. Donors make up the difference. Last year the backpacks you provided gave our students the start they needed for school. A pack of pencils, pens, paper, notebooks and tissues become a luxury the families cannot afford. Often school supply money goes for the basics like food and rent.

In fact, we have a weekend food giveaway for many of our families who do not have money for food on the weekend. One of the 1st grade recipients of our weekend food program when asked how her weekend was, commented very differently than I expected. I thought she would tell me about the games she played with her little sister or the movie she saw with her family. No, instead she told me that she “had 2 bowls of Cheerios.” I did not expect the highlight of her weekend would be her break from hunger.

It almost seems unfair that with so much abundance in our area of S. Jersey that some living in close by communities, only miles from where we live, have to go without food and shelter. Thank you for your continued support with the backpack program. Thank you for whatever food drives are possible. Thank you for the help you give to the children of the Cramer Hill section of Camden.
— Dr. Mary Burke, Principal at St. Anthony of Padua School